Bus Information

Bus Information

Bus routes and times are available on the MCPSS website at the following address: www.mcpss.com. Students are to be at the bus stop ready to board the bus TEN minutes before it is scheduled to arrive. Students are to board ONLY at the designated stop where they live. There are NO exceptions. Students are expected to follow the MCPSS Code of Conduct on the bus as well.

Please do not call the school office to infer about a bus arriving to the stop late/early as the local school has no control over this issue. Please direct all calls to the Transportation Department. The main number for transportation is 251-221-5260.

Riding the School Bus is a Privilege, Not a Right

In instances of student misbehavior, the bus driver will file a bus conduct report with an administrator. The administrator will contact the student and discuss the violation. The administrator considers the nature of the violation and disciplines students according to established procedures. Interfering with the safe operation of a bus may be cause for disciplinary action or suspension of bus privileges. Under normal circumstances the following chain of discipline will be followed:

  • First Offense: Written warning issued by bus driver and/or administrator
  • Second Offense: Written warning, student meets with an administrator and/or a phone call to parent
  • Third Offense:  Suspension of bus riding privileges (one day minimum)
    Administrators will inform parents/guardians of disciplinary actions.

Repeated violations could result in suspension of bus riding privileges.Students removed from the bus are not excused from attending school. Absenteeism as a result of a bus suspension will constitute an unexcused absence.

J.E. Turner's BUS Policies and Procedures


  1. Students will board and exit the bus in a quiet and orderly manner.
  2. Students will talk softly and remain seated when traveling on the bus.
  3. Students will wait at approved bus stops in an orderly manner.
  4. Students will be picked up and unloaded only at approved bus stops.
  5. Students will respect the rights and property of others and refrain from disturbing any fellow passengers.
  6. Students will abide by all Mobile County Public Schools Code of Conduct.


  1. Students will refrain from distracting the bus driver with noise or unruly conduct.
  2. Students will refrain from putting heads and hands outside the windows.
  3. Students will not yell, or throw objects from the bus windows.
  4. Students will not fight; use obscene language, or gestures.
  5. Students will not bring any weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs on the bus.
  6. Unauthorized persons will not board the bus.
  7. Students will not eat or chew gum on the bus.
  8. Students will not have electronic devices on the bus.