Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy

School and Classroom rules and procedures will be addressed on the first day of school. Students are responsible for following each one, as well as the MCPSS Student Code of Conduct. Please see J.E. Turner's Behavior Action Plan.

Maintaining an orderly learning environment is crucial to the success of teaching and learning. Teachers have the authority to establish rules and assign consequences in the classroom. Classroom interventions and consequences are outlined in J.E. Turner's Disciplinary Action Plan. Teachers will contact parents and develop strategies to help the child. Parents are encouraged to promote/reward positive behavior and support consequences for inappropriate behavior. When classroom interventions and consequences are ineffective, teachers will complete and send home Disciplinary Reports. Disciplinary Reports are used to inform parents of the behavior, previous consequences, and progression of consequences. An office referral is the last step of all classroom discipline plans unless the referral is one of initial extreme behavior.

  • First Disciplinary Infraction: Parents are notified by J.E. Turner's Disciplinary Report. Consequences are listed on the Disciplinary Report. After school detention may be assigned and parents are notified of the date/time for student to serve detention. In the event that the child doesn't stay for detention, teachers may assign two detentions. Detention is to avoid suspension.
  • Second Disciplinary Infraction: Parents are notified by J.E. Turner's Disciplinary Report. The student will be referred for a student/administrator conference. If the student has served detention once before, he/she may be assigned detention again. Disciplinary infractions for new reasons may be handled as a first or second infraction at the judgment of the teacher or principal.
  • Third Disciplinary Infraction: Third referrals for the same reasons are addressed more seriously. Parents are notified by J.E. Turner's Disciplinary Report. The student will be referred to the counselor.
  • Fourth Disciplinary Infraction: A parent/student/teacher/administrator conference will be scheduled to review previous interventions, consequences, and infractions. Administrator reserves the right to assign suspension at this time.
  • Subsequent Disciplinary Infraction: Subsequent referrals for the same reasons are addressed more seriously with extreme measures. Suspension will be assigned to students with repeated disciplinary referrals.
  • Severe Disciplinary Infraction: Behaviors are considered severe if they harm or pose a threat of harm to another student or to the student himself/herself. Severe behaviors include, but are not limited to: fighting, threatening a teacher, bringing weapons or an illegal substance to school. Parents will be notified and the student will be assigned suspension/alternative school/an abbreviated school day.


Detention is to prevent suspension. Detention may be given for unsatisfactory behavior or work study (which includes not turning in homework). Students who do not report to detention on their assigned date and time will have their time doubled. The student must serve the detention on the next scheduled detention session if absent the day of detention. Parents must arrange for transportation after detention. Detention is held on Wednesdays.


Aggressive behavior, fighting, and bullying are serious offenses and will not be tolerated. Consequences will be enforced fairly and consistently. J. E. Turner's Disciplinary Action Plan is used to guide students through a progression of consequences and interventions.

Positive Reinforcement

The staff at J.E. Turner believes that students should be recognized for demonstrating a high level of responsibility for appropriate school conduct. We encourage students by reinforcing their positive approach to decision-making, conflict resolution, and outstanding effort and achievement. Exemplary student behaviors are celebrated in the following ways:

  • Classroom Incentives and Recognition
  • Special Program Awards and Recognition
  • School Recognition
  • Honorary Awards


  • Treat adults and peers with respect
  • No inappropriate language or gestures, profanity or vulgarity
  • Be cooperative and respectful when given directions
  • No bullying or harassing behaviors
    J.E. Turner has a ZERO tolerance rule for bullying, fighting, and any other acts that disrupt the vision of the school. The acts include:
    a. throwing food and/or other objects
    b. giving false information
    c. being insubordinate or disrespectful
    d. failing to comply with the reasonable requests of school personnel
    e. verbal threats
    f. horseplay
    g. repeatedly or habitually violating the rules in the Student Code of Conduct book.


Anyone who is involved in a physical altercation will be sent home immediately on suspension.

  • Play involving bodily contact is not permitted
  • No fighting or other acts of aggression, including no play fighting
  • No spitting
  • No writing or drawing on yourself or other students